Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shizuoka Part 4

For our trip to Shizuoka, we stayed at Suruga Kenkoland.

Highly recommended if you enjoy onsen. They have so many varieties inside their facility!

The hotel provides free bus rides to and from Shimizu station.

We arrive at the hotel just in time for dinner, so we headed to their main dining hall for some food before enjoying the onsen.

Here's what I ordered - sakura ebi~ Just can't get enough of it!

As I wasn't very hungry, a small fried rice to go with my sakura ebi.

After dinner, I went to the onsen and soaked for about 30 minutes. SUPER GOOD~!! I couldn't feel my muscle ache at all the next day after all the walking from Day 1!

Other than that, they have karaoke rooms, game centre, television room, massage chair room and many restaurants inside this hotel! Definitely a place where you can easily spend many hours just trying out the differently facilities available.

Massage chairs

More massage machines

Massage bed

Common area we were both low on cash and couldn't find an atm machine, this was how we got some extra change. We paid for all our expenses in the hotel with credit card, so no cash was required.

Game center

Television room

Small television room

View from our room

Outside the hotel as we waited for the bus. The friendly bus driver offered to take this pic for us.

Really wanna bring mum and dad here.

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