Friday, July 21, 2017

Shizuoka Part 5

The next day, we went for brunch with N's mum who treated us to really good food at the fish market.

We went to a restaurant on the second floor of the fish market, near Shimizu station.

I ordered the sashimi set that came with a dish of tuna steak on the side.

The super fresh sashimi~!!!

As K doesn't take raw food, she got the a set with cooked tuna steak and minced meat patty.

Group pic~

The cute mother and daughter

Lol~ N's mum staring a K~


These 3 are sooo funny!

From the fish market, we can actually take a boat ride to the S-pulse dream plaza. But we had another place to Miho no Matsubara, which is renowned for it's seashore with beautiful green pine trees. So we took the boat ride there instead.

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