Sunday, July 23, 2017

Shizuoka Part 6

We visited the famous Hagoromo-no-Matsu.

The pine trees there were thought to be 200 years old. 

Here is the road that leads to the Miho Shrine called Kami-no-Michi or God's Road. 

Spotted an interesting house along the way.

This path of about 500m was lined with pine trees.

Fried ebi bought by Naoko's mum from the fish market~ They were super delicious!

Naoko's mum was really cute. She was fighting with me to pay for the prawns. I told her that I can pay because I'm young and working but she said no and told the staff to take her money instead.

There is a famous legend here about a celestial maiden.

Was really happy and excited to get here because I know this legend!

Thanks to Ayashi no Ceres~ 
Everything just feels extra familiar. That beach scene, the tree, the robe and the maiden!

Enjoying our snacks as we enjoyed the view.

So pretty~ you can't help but fall in love with the view.

Saw many people by the beach, playing with the waves. Then, these 2 decided to join them hahaha

Decided to join them to take a nice pic but got really scared of the incoming waves.

After that, we headed back to the main road and took a bus to a mall to meet with Naoko's cousin.

Hello S-Pulse Dream Plaza, we meet again!

I visited this place many years ago with dad and took a pic of this Mount Fuji sushi display back then too.

Inside the mall, we spotted an area dedicated to ramune.

Look at all the different varieties~

A special edition for spring - Sakura cola

Changes in the bottle shape over the years.

A very old machine used back in the days

After shopping around, we took the free bus back to Shimizu station.

I could barely see Mount Fuji with my naked eyes in the white ring but of course, nothing appears on camera!

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