Wednesday, August 30, 2017

銀座みゆき館 (CAFE de GINZA MIYUKI-KAN) & Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice, Ginza

Lunch at 銀座みゆき館 (CAFE de GINZA MIYUKI-KAN).

I ordered the set lunch which came with a cold soup appetiser, main dish of baked pasta, tea and cake.

I opted for their Mont Blanc which was delicious~! I love the light meringue base with the chestnut.

After lunch, we went to an art exhibition.

It was interesting to see the artist's take on popular works such as Final Fantasy.

After that we explored around Ginza, entered a stationary shop which had this cute little garden area where they grew lettuce in an indoor green house.

We also visited Ginza Six, the newly opened shopping centre in Ginza. As it just opened, there was a long queue outside and there were many people packed inside the mall. Inside the mall, you can spot some works by famous artist Yayoi Kusuma.

View from their root top garden

Group pic~

Interesting looking Tsukiji bar in Ginza Six. Would love to dine in this area one day.

For dinner, we had chicken rice at Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice. hahaha....of course, when a group of Malaysians get together, it's the perfect opportunity to get some food that taste like home.

Sambal kankong was delicious.

This here was supposed to be what I thought was cucur udang but this was a Tokyo only special and while it's not what I expected, it was good.

The star of the night was of course the steamed chicken!

Whee~ round table dinner

There's something about dining at a round table, it makes everyone feel like family.

Monday, August 28, 2017

HIS bus tour part 2

Our tour came with a bento lunch box.

When we returned to the bus, the lunch boxes were already placed on our seats.

Here's how the lunch box looks like. Looks good and the taste was good too event though everything was cold. 

After lunch, it was about another an hour bus ride to the strawberry farm where we can eat all the strawberries that we want.

I love that this is in a green house and that they've raised the platform so that strawberries are not growing on the ground. It's cleaner and easier this way. The strawberries are hanging and not lying on the soil. Also, we don't have to squat down to enjoy the strawberries.

Our tour guide very nicely helped us to take this picture. 

Itadakimasu~ I found this cute little twin strawberry and ate it. Hahaha.....the strawberries there were big and sweet~! <3

Saturday, August 26, 2017

HIS bus tour part 1

First time on a HIS bus tour with YH.

This time we're off to Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki, for the beautiful blue nemophilia flowers.

Super pretty~

Sea of beautiful flower~

Super happy to see the flowers!

Plus the weather was really nice~

The only red flower among the blue

Whoever planted the flowers here us super smart. Plant the flowers here on a hill and people will pay money to come see it.

As there were many people, it was really hard to get a nice picture of just us with the flowers.

hahaha....the wind was super strong and we were trying to keep our hair and hat in place!

The bell we never got to ring because the queue was just too long and it was not worth our time.

The nemophilia area from the top of the hill.

On the way out, we spotted a garden filled with tulips~!

Love all the different coloured varieties!! <3

Wish this was my garden

Can't help but snap away because they're just too beautiful~



Got a nice stranger to help us snap this pic

While the nemophilia were pretty, I think I was more excited with this garden because of the colours were just too pretty to ignore!

Plus there were many flowers in colours that I like~

Matched my skirt perfectly too! Lol~