Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Eating Japan -Bread series 5

1. Styleone Chocolate Tart

This is really good because the chocolate melts instantly in your mouth and it has bitter chocolate chips in it.

2. Family Mart's mini red bean bun

A go to for me when I need something that's convenient. I love bringing this onto night buses with me as mid night snacks too!

3. Bo-LoGne original danish in maple flavour

I spotted this at a departmental store in Osaka and they said that they were famous for their danish bread so I had to buy one to try. As they were not that cheap and I've never tried them before, I only bought 1 pack.

I toasted them in my oven and I can smell the maple~ The danish bread was super good! I regretted buying only a pack of 2. The next time I see this, I'm going to buy more flavours!

4. Yamasaki Cookie Danish

I love danish bread....can't help but buy one whenever I spot one. This one here is cheap and yummy.

5. Caramel nut danish

Love this so much, that I bought 2 more after this one here. Love that the danish is light and the chocolate caramel coating on top, together with the nuts made it crunchy!

6. Family Mart's strawberry churokki

Churokki....is a churros and cookie combo if I'm not mistaken. This churros is twisted into a heart shape and is covered with starwberry cream and sprinkles. Kinda like the crunchy texture.

7. Kari Kari Baton in Honey & Sesame

Love these crunchy sticks......makes really good snacks while watching youtube.

8. Family Mart's Cookie Choux

My zeitaku na afternoon snack to reward myself after a full day of teaching. Premium sweets from Family Mart's the best. I like how thick the custard is and the crunchy cookie top of the choux pastry.

9. Ham cheese mayo

Bought this in a haste when I needed a quick snack one day. Simple and good, though I'd probably make it myself next time. 

10. Chocolate roll cake

I like how Aeon has good roll cakes amongst their selection. Rich, moist, convenient and cheap. :)

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