Thursday, August 10, 2017

Huge temple in Tachikawa

A colleague brought me to the temple that she frequents in Tachikawa.

Breakfast at the open deck at the cafeteria.

The view was amazing because of the sakura trees.

Can't get enough of the good weather and beautiful flowers.
My breakfast~

For desserts, I had a sakura tart~

The temple grounds

There were many benches around and you can see many families having a picnic outside.

There were several interesting statues here and I particularly like this one here.

My pot of gold smile~

After that, we met up with K and head to Ikea for lunch.

Can never get enough of the food at Ikea. Cheap and good quality!

The mash potatoes was superb! The cheesecake was my colleagues and I took a bite of it. It as good too. This chocolate chip cookie here was slightly too sweet for me but it was still good.

After chit-chatting for a while, I had to go for a second round. I got these 2 items here.

The chocolate biscotti was yummy but small.

My absolute favourite. I think I might buy some frozen ones to reheat at home next time.

After all that food, we decided to head towards the station for some kushikatsu.

Yummy fried chicken

Lol, an accidental selfie

Gotta get some veg

Our kushikatsu order~ SOOOO GOOD~!!!

As for desserts, K was the only one who ordered something. hahaha.......

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