Thursday, September 30, 2010


I miss LEAD!!! I 're-discover' their music once every few months. Lol, it means that when I'm searching for music to listen to on youtube, I'll think of them every now and then.

I can't believe that it's been 8 years since their debut in 31/07/02. Now that I think about it, I was in form4 when they first debuted and I found out about them through TVBS-Asia. I never miss their episodes! They're one of the few non-Johnny boygroups that I like. Lead is under Vision Factory Talent Agency and Pony-Canyon Recording Agency, which is also the japanese company of groups such as SS501 and farenheit. Interestingly, Arashi was also under Pony-Canyon prior to joining Johnny Jimusho.

Lol....yes dancing boygroups. But Lead members are all dancers in the first place as they met in a vocal and dance school ..........and as you can see from their older PVs, it's more street style. Well, they did start out as dancers and even performed on the streets after all! Plus they come from Osaka, where there are a lot of superb dancers esp. kids!!!

As far as I can remember, they used to design the concept for their PVs, from choreography, costume, filmography to....dunno what. For their latest single, they even did some production and arranged their song "hikari" into 4 different by each member.

Hehe...I still have their album and concert DVD from last time!! I shall dig out the DVD and rewatch it!

Enjoy their latest single Speed Star.

Lead-Speed Star PV

Whee~ Ganbatte Keita, Hiroki, Akira and Shinya! Lead forever!

Lastly, enjoy this song from their 2008 concert tittled taisetsu na mono/ treasure!

Support LEAD!!!

Dance cut from 2009.

credits: kayahaya707, loverayne, youtube

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