Saturday, April 20, 2019

Vietnamese food & pancakes

Met up with ST san for lunch at ベトナム料理専門店 サイゴン キムタン 川崎本店.

We ordered a few dishes to share and they were all delicious. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating that I only managed to snap pictures of there two dishes here. We had pork, porridge, shrimp and noodles too.

After lunch, we all went for Dutch pancake at Rosie's cafe. 

I think it's the first time I've had Dutch pancakes and I really like the slightly burnt, crispy parts.

I would definitely like to have more Dutch pancakes in the future but I would love to share it and not have the whole thing to myself.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

やさいの王様 (Yasai no Ohsama) 銀座店

Met up with Yh for lunch at Yasai no Ohsama in Ginza.

As I was super hungry, I was tempted to go for their Yasai no Ohsama teishoku, but was afraid that I'd be too full for any desserts.

In the end, I ordered the pork teishoku which came with multi-grained rice, soup, pork with salad and 3 side dishes.

Overall, all the dishes taste good and the pork is actually very lightly seasoned, so it might not be suitable for those who like strong flavours.

This here is the dessert that I've been saving my tummy for. I've fallen in love with this kind of pumkin pudding dessert ever since I had it back in Malaysia like 10 years ago. This here was yummy too~ Love the drizzle of dark caramel.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

City Bakery, Shinagawa station

Breakfast at the City Bakery at Shinagawa station.

The baked foods here all looked super good. But they are a little pricey.

Overall everything was yummy, except for the weird croissant shaped pastry that I got which was doughy and salty. I will definitely revisit for more!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

2018 Birthday celebration~!

For dinner after work on a Friday night, we met up with T san for dinner at Hikarie. So thankful to T san for always treating me to yummy food every time I meet him.

As it my Birthday weekend, I got a suprise cake from J. Love this chocolate cake~! I think I ate almost half of it. His aunt makes amazing cakes for sale and he ordered this one here for my birthday.

For lunch, we went to Din tai fung for some super yummy raddish cake~!!

Some delicious wontons and noodles~

For dinner, we went to Il Pinolo Sky Terrace in Yokohama.

This was the second surprise by J. 

We had a superb dinner course here.

This restaurant provides a view of the Yokohama Bay at night, which was nice.

Always enjoy a piece of good focaccia. I wonder if I should try to go through the trouble of trying to make one at home.

The appetiser was and pasta was ok. I was sort of hoping for more stuffs in my pasta, but the taste was good.

Grilled fish was delicious.

So was the beef~

And lastly, to end the meal pumpkin creme brulee~!!! It's definitely great to have a super delicious dessert to end the meal on a high~! I need more of this pumpkin creme brulee.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Wanko Soba Challenge!

Off we go to Wanko soba Tachibana わんこそばたち花~

Apparently this place is famous as they have won the championships before in Japan. Also, wanko soba shops are very rare in the Kanto region, so we were really happy to find one here.

Look at the hall of fame~!! It's crazy! So if you eat above 80 bowls for females and 100 bowls for males, you get to write down your name in this book and win a small gift!

We all went for the all you can eat plan which costs 2850 yen.

It comes with this platter which contains orange, tempura, tamago, seaweed and some pickled veg.

Also, a small little plate of condiments like katsuobushi, togarashi and negi. The negi is refillable and you will need lots of it in order to eat more soba~!!!

Guess who made it? Lol, I made it to 80 bowls, J had 102 bowls and Jeffrey had 100 bowls!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Ebisu museum and らぁめん冠尾(かむろ)(Ramen Kamuro)

Brought Amanda and David to the Ebisu beer museum for some drinks.

They all had one except for me. Lol~

I think they all ordered the same today's special.

As it was near Christmas, the illuminations are also up!

While it's the same every single year, it is still nice.

After spending some time in Japan, I start to appreciate the effort that malls in Malaysia put into their festive decorations every year as they are always different.

For dinner, we went to Ramen Kamuro [らぁめん冠尾(かむろ)] for some chicken pai tang ramen.

I enjoyed the thick and flavourful chicken broth. The toppings were also yummy~ 

This is definitely a good place for chicken ramen.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Nemuro Hanamaru, KITTE

I think I probably made Amanda sick of sushi by bringing her for sushi 3 times in less than 5 days.

But Nemuro Hanamaru is super good~!!!

Their sushi is really fresh and good! 

This here is the famous fried chicken from Hokkaido~ They're huge and juicy!

Love how they have a little flag on the sushi so you don't get confused and know what you're eating.

Their aburi is really no joke, you can see the burnt marks on the fish.

As you can see, the slices are really thick, so naturally they're no that cheap.

Their soup is also good and they come with lots of ingredients in them.

I feel like I always overeat when I'm here! As you've got to queue for about an hour before you get a seat, so you really build up an appetite!

I definitely have to try this shop too when I visit Hokkaido!!!

A group pic~

A touristy picture in front of Tokyo station.

It's really pretty inside Tokyo station too. Do check it out~

I always prefer this side of Tokyo station because the building has a classic feel to it.

It's so nice to see these two again and to catch up with them~!

As it was autumn, we also went to catch some gingko trees and got some really nice pictures.