Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Green Tea Plantation

Next we visited a tea plantation factory.
Was so stupid because I walked down without my outercoat, scarf or gloves!!! I thought it would be fully indoor like at the winery....but manatau~ OMG~~ even with the long john underneath I was freezing cold!! and worse of all the COLD WIND~

What better way to warm myself up than with a nice cup of freshly brewed green tea.

Shopping time again~

Nope...didn't buy any green tea.

Different parts of the tea leaves produces different types of tea.

hmm..interesting lookin objects. I wonder if these were used to dry tea leaves?

oh, hello Kitty-chan, I'm seeing you everywhere~
Off we go on the road again, and of course we need to make a stop every now and then for toilet breaks.
Here we are at the Hamanako service area. It looks dark right? but it's actually not even 6 but because it's winter, day time is short.
Here's is where you get tea at all service area.
Push the button for a paper cup and then pick from a choice of hot green tea, hot roasted tea, hot water or cold water. How thoughtful right??~ It's all these petty little things that I love about Japan.

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