Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas eve

It was Xmas eve......

Seawitch and I went to Pyramid to celebrate her belated Bday and we chanced upon the newly open Gardens.

Look~ isn't the centrepiece pretty? How I wish that I could own my own grand piano too especially a 'blinged' one.

The seawitch~

and the cat~

We had the set lunch which came with complementary soup of the day, salad and a choice of coffee or tea.
*sluurrrpp* yummy watercress soup



Margarita Spaghetti

Grilled chicken chop

And for desserts, a small cheese cake from RT Pastry.

This is our first visit to the Gardens. The ambience feels similar to that of Fullhouse and so is the menu. But the interior design here looks more classy.
Since it was Xmas eve, there was a live performance~ hehe.....a group performing christmas carols.

Ooo...does the seawitch want to showcase her piano skills????

Ok no, it seems that she just wants to chillax.

..and make some new friends.

Can I bring the bunny home??

Huge xmas deco at the main concourse pretty~~
I wonder if they hold stage performances here too.
teehee, we were feeling a wee bit playful on that day. While shopping we saw a shirt that says "I kissed a vampire and I loved it!". The first person we thought of was Jas as she loved twilight and especially Edward! haaaha......we had to buy the shirt for her! Bought a card, envelope, stamp and off goes the gift to the post office!

Hope that she likes her surprise!

After all xmas is the season of giving~ 0_<

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