Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yamapi's figurine

In a collaborative project between Yamapi’s upcoming film “あしたのジョー (Ashita no Joe)” and Toshiba’s dynabook laptop computers, a Yamapi figurine had been displayed at Akasaka Sacas.

"Joe Yabuki Life-size Figure Ring Photo Corner"


11:00 – 20:00 December 18 (Sat) 2010

11:00 – 19:00 December 19 (Sun) 2010

Ahh....I was in tokyo on both dates and both were free days where I can explore the city freely! I can't believe that I missed out on this event! So near but totally lost and un-informed! Well.....I didn't have any access to the internet throughout my trip because I didn't bring my laptop and was too lazy to look for a PC.

Pi's Figurine

The face doesn't really look like Pi..... Yamapi is so much better looking! But yes, if I live there, I would go and take picture with it too~~

Poor Pi who forgot what meat had tasted like during movie shoot because he had to train very hard to attain a boxer's figure in a short period of time. The poor boy dropped from 62 kg to 53.5 kg, with his fat percentage down to 5%. Mind you, it's not liek he's got a lot of fat on him to begin with. He needs to eat more and gain more weight!

Looking back on his training days,
“I was really hungry. It made me realise how much I took food for granted,” he said.
“It was difficult to get into form when I was only able to eat a limited amount of food. I ate a lot of vegetables and protein.”

“I’d forgotten what meat had tasted like. I thought, ‘so this is what it was like’. It was great,” he said.

Poor Pi~~Pi's trainer would punch him in the stomach to help get him into the fighting spirit. “I trained my muscles for punching. It was worth doing all of those sit ups and getting pushed around every day,” he said.


“Ashita no Joe” will open in cinemas in Japan from February 11.

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