Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm working on my presentation but I keep getting distracted by sooo many things online! I wished I had more will power to focus....I get distracted too easily. Plus because this presentation was soo important, I kept thinking about the topic over and over again wondering if I should change it.

The presentation had to be on a biology topic which could be on so many things....and it has to be 1 hour! omg!!! why couldn't they have informed me earlier so that I could prepare for it earlier??? I've never presented something for 1 hour many slides should I include? It pretty much depends on how fast I talk because knowing me....I could just talk really fast and finish a 1 hour presentation in like 30mins with no one being able to understand a single word I said. I always don't realised when I'm talking too fast and every time I practice my speech, I always slow down.

Even when I'm presenting at 1/4 the speed of my normal talking speed, 'some' people still think it's too fast!! *glares at that idiot who complained* Just because you speak 1 word every 3/4 second, doesn't mean that everyone can do it too....... whatever you want to say just loses its flow.

I haven't been dancing for close to a month and my stamina has dropped!! I felt faint within the 1st 10 mins of house class. That's why it's always good to exercise continuously just to maintain the stamina.

Back to my progress with the e-book....that's the thing about e-book, you don't really know if you've reached the middle or if your near the end of the book. I literally googled mistakes in twilight just to see if there's anyone else who thought that there were and just to check if it was just my e-book. Well, apparently  there's lots of it even in the hard copy! .... for a best-selling book? seriously~

I laughed out loud on my bed when I came to the "coming-of-age" part for the werewolves!! omg~ just like what I predicted in exactly the same words.... and the forgotten Victoria did came back to avenge her mate! Vic was so smart in the first book that she could find out Bells address in Phoenix but she can't sniff out where she is?

There's 1 thing that I've been wondering for a long time. What about periods? Vampires could sniff a drop of blood from some finger cuts but not from *ahem*? Anyways, I hope young gals don't follow in her footsteps in trying to hurt themselves or think that it's alright to give up everything for love/ lust.

Meanwhile, I found some really hilarious youtube vidoes. I watched one whenever I got stuck with my presentation. It's funny to see another person's reaction to the same book that I'm reading now.
credits: nerimon

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