Thursday, February 24, 2011

a pup's life

Look at all these cute clothes....
Think they're children clothes?
Think again......

The pic was actually taken from a pet's clothing store at Venus Fort.

At Venus Fort, you can shop around in the shopping centre freely with your pets provided that they are toilet trained.
All the dogs that I saw are super well trained. They don't even bark or try to sniff around.
If you see lady talking into her baby carriage, it's probably just her dog......

Can you see the white poodle?
Try and spot the brown one behind it.....
Uhh...the brown one is soo cute and it looks like a teddy bear!
I actually went inside the store to try and take a pic of him.

If you're interested in buying a pet dog, this is where you visit.

Check out the price!!!!

I spotted an ownder taking pic of her dogs on a little car. So I took the chance and snapped one pic too.

Snack- McD again....their chicken bacon burger!! yum yum~

Before leaving I spotted the cat bus from totoro.

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