Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toyota Universal Design Showcase

Next we walked past the daikanransha of Tokyo Leisureland to the other building which houses the Toyota Universal Design Showcase.
The "Toyota Universal" enables you can look at a number of technical solutions for people with a disability. In that same buidling, there is also the "Design Showcase" that explains the different steps and research needed to create a car.

This Toyota robot will play the trumpet at specific times during the day.
The i-foot is a mountable robot. Kinda reminds of the robot thingy used in Avatar. I wanna ride on one too~
This one seems interesting....all you have to do is just stand on it. Might be good for people who have to walk long distances. But where does one keep it once they have reached their destination?? I also wonder how good is its stability and where does one puts his/her shopping bags??
See....clever isn't it? Really convenient for disabled people.
No idea what these are... Erm, modern wheelchairs??
I like the exhibits where they showcased all the futuristic looking products but not so much on the research part. Not unless it's medical related. But the design showcase is mostly on cars or other electronic products produced and researched by them. So maybe it'll be interesting for engineers. I saw a several groups of people watching videos or taking down notes of somesort.

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