Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Lunch on campus.

My first ever risotto.....ya i know it looks erm...a bit disgusting. The taste was only so-so.

This "Permanent Head Damage" guy (get it???) from another dept asked me how was my work and I said..."well, it's going ok".

Then he said, "Wait, you're doing masters only right?? That's nothing!!! You only have to do subjects!" I was like....."I don't have subjects.....I'm doing research".

"No, you have subjects......" *with his nose up high in the air*

Seriously, do you think I have nothing better to do than try to convince you to believe that I don't have subjects except for lectures?

I would really appreciate it if he never talk to me ever again in all our lectures. I have enough things on my hand without annoying people getting on my nerves.

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