Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alexis, Gardens

Jas is officially back in kl....

So naturally, we had to meet up!!

Where to?

To Alexis, at the Gardens cuase I've read sooo many food blogs that raved about their cakes.

Seawitch's coffee....

Jas' house brew coffee....

Brown and white sugar

My hot chocolate....yummy~

Read that their mains are not so good but we were hungry as we have not had lunch so we ordered a few to try. This here is their seafood spaghetti and yes, it doesn't taste up to standard. :(

Next up is the roast chicken and nope, it's not that nice either! :( :(

 Company #1

Company #2

Their famous tiramisu cake! yummylicious! Love the caramelised sugar sprinkled on top of the cake and the texture of it. Plus the it leaves you wanting more.

This is my favourite dessert!! Their chocolate tarte with macadamia nuts! Mmmm the rich chocolate with smooth texture, matched with crunchy roasted macadamia! Ahhh.....heaven~~ I absolutely love this!!! Would definitely revisit the place for this!!!

I think this is the raspberry cheesecake if I'm not mistaken! It's not bad too, better than the average cheese ckae out there. Love the texture!~
Right~ lesson learnt: Trust food blogs when they say that the food is not nice. haahaa.....but oh well, we won't know till we've actually tried it.


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