Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great chit-chat session

Went out 2 weeks ago with my dance instructor/ dance mate/ great friend.

We were supposed to go for kroean bbq but then since it was mother's day, they don't serve for 2 plus we didn't make reservations. So we went to Empire shopping gallery and the only place that could have us was Italiannies.....thier high table meant for drinking, to be exact.

:) nonetheless, we took it!


Fried calamari salad. Love love love the crunchy calamari!!! and I discovered that artichoke hearts are really tasty!!! I'll definitely have this salad again.

Seafood pasta. I forgot the actual name because this is the less memorable dish. In fact, it was below average, we left about more than half of it.

Dessert was great! Yummy creme bruleee~!!! So much better than the one I had at full house. Love the crunchy caramelised sugar on top and the sweet, smooth creme at the bottom.
I really enjoyed the great chit-chat session.

Can't wait for the next outing.....

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