Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kis-my-ft2 debut PV

Everybody Go is Kisumai's debut PV!!

Finally~ this PV is so difficult to find.......

I'm so happy for kisumai and I love the MV because it showcased their style with the roller skates. Dancing with them is what they do best! Yea~ Kisumai's style~
Though from Johnny's, Kisumai made their debut under Avex!!

The PV seems to focus only on 3 members: Kitayama, Fujigaya and Tamamori. 

Not that I have any complaints, since my favourite member is Taipi, followed by Kitayama!! Ok, Tamamori is an eye-candy too.....

Kitayama is as charismatic as usual in the PV and I've always liked his voice. And, omg...Taipi is H.O.T!!!

I prefer Taipi's hair now, which is a shorter and darker than his usual.

hehe....cute casual style~

I'm now thinking if I should watch Ikemen desu ne.

Tama-chan looks erm....more bad-boyish and more mature with his new dark hair. I've only seen him in blonde-ish hair before and his face used to look cutesy and chubby. Don't know if he lost weight, but his face looks slimer now. haaha......

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