Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 12th Anniversary to Arashi~

Coincidentally, today is also the 12th anniversary of Arashi.......which I really didn't know till today, even though Arashi is my 2nd favourite group from JE!


I guess Arashi is the only group that didn't start out as Jr. since they were transferred from another company into JE. Like NEWS, I really like their songs and if you listen carefully, you'll realize that they're really meaningful.

Though Matsujun is hugely popular, he has not yet been my fav. from the group. I think it started with Ohno, then to Sho, Aiba and then Nino.....haaha.....but I like all of them!
Since it's both NEWS and Arashi's anniversary, what better what than to share moments of them together. I took these gifs from NEWStalgia.

Yaa....Nino is pinching Pi!!

Well, aren't these two close?


These 2 seems distant....haaha.

I recently bought Arashi's 10-11 Tour SCENE- "Kimi to boku no miteiru fukei-stadium" and I wanna say that it's AMAZING! Ok, first off is the stage.....omg, the waterfall?? and is there anything that can't move on that stage?? Seriously, if you wanna be a johnny's, you really can't have fear of heights! I get nervous, every time I look at how high the artist have to stand or be suspended in mid-air!!!

The concert's great too...the venue is super huge, I wonder if it accommodates more than Dome because it seems like it. Arashi looks like ants from the far end. But the pace is really good, for a moment I thought they fast forwarded the first few songs, but then it's not. It really helps bring out the hype!! Plus the sky itself is cool....from day light to sunset and then the dark sky!

Yes and all these concert craze started with the first JE concert DVD that I have......10 years ago?? That was when I was drawn into all the "shows" and additional props used for their concerts. hehee.....

Credits: NEWStalgia

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