Friday, September 2, 2011

HSJ Summary 2011

Summary 2011 looks amazing!

I want to go to Summary 2012!!

Look at that amazing stage~

Ok, I've seen the flying and water stage during Tackey's play. But in combi with that huge stage backdrop....woohoo~ so many johnny juniors! Kawaii~

But the most amazing part is the performances!! The whole circus theme thing was amazing...from trapeez act to tight rope walking, then the drums and sword play and my 2 sons turning into smurfs!!!

Poor Yamada, he has inherited my fear for heights. Look at the poor boy's face while he's up in the air. Lol...reminds me of NEWS's concert where they opened their concert by flying down the middle of the arena which scared both Koyama and Shige to death~

To be a Johnny, you've gotta be physically fit to perform all the acrobatic acts and also be brave enough to try anything....

Here's another video on the amazing Summary 2011~

Why can't there be concerts as amazing as this over here too???

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