Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEWS 八周年おめでとうございます~



"Happy Bath Day"

My fav. JE group is turning 8. So happy for them...their journey may not have been smooth but working hard and taking time to get to each stage is not a bad thing. Like slowly moving towards their 1st album or 1st Tokyo dome concert.

NEWS might not have released singles as often as other artists or even get together as often, but that's ok. Cause when they do get together, they produce something great!

I have always wanted to go to a NEWS concert because if you've watched their concert DVD, you will see the big smile on their faces that totally reaches out to the fans. Yea, and it's sort of the overall feeling form the group. Most importanly, I love their songs. So far, I've only bought one conert DVD, if possible, I would collect all their concert DVDs.

Fans have been planning a special present for NEWS 8th anniversary and that is to make their 2007 single "Hoshi wo mezashite(Aim for the stars)" No.1 in sales again. I guess that single was chosen because it was the 1st new single by the "reborned" 6-member NEWS after their long hiatus. Plus also because of the meaning lyrics. This is one of my favourite too...

And.....the fans did it! It got to No.1 even before the actual anniversary date!! Omedetou~

"Hoshi wo mezashite"

On the side note, Tegomasu is coming out with a new album called "Tagomasu no mahou (Tegomasu's magic)" on October 19.

As for other JE things:

Here's a tutorial from spurius, on how to register at J-web using smartphones

I'm sooo tempted to register but I have not because I seldom use my phone to access the internet. Plus the main reason is also cause I don't know what can I do with a J-web account. Another is that, with a J-web account does that mean I can register under the fan club? I seriously wanna apply for a fan club membership because I want to buy concert tickets!!!

Ok, besides getting to read messages and stuffs, you can also download Marching J Special Movie on J-web. Follow instructions by Kattun-hyphens.

credits: spurius, Kattun-hyphens, kamipinku@youtube, PrincessTexinne@youtube

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