Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last day of conference and 日の舞 BBQ buffet

Last day of conference and I got to attend a lunch symposium which was interesting as it's something that I've never seen before.

After lunch, it was a nice talk on research writing which was truly helpful for someone like myself.
So glad that they included this as part of the talk!

Before we end was the prize award ceremony where my boss won an award for her poster.

After the conference, I met up with my Uncle who lives in Taipei for dinner.

We were supposed to meet up at this restaurant called "Hi no mai/日の舞・" for yakiniku but he was late as he couldn't find the restaurant! Lol~ and I'm the tourist~

My uncle with my cousin~

My first yakiniku experience was in Taiwan and not in Japan~

Some yummy beef. Can't really tell them apart but they're some lovely cuts~ the meat was super juicy after bbq-ing.

Look at them~ *slurp* I'm hungry just looking at this pic~! Their menu is huge.....with different types of vegs, seafood, chicken, beef, lamb and pork!

It was pretty fun to grill the meat pieces by pieces. Sometimes it gets so hot that the meat is totally covered in flames due to the fat from the meat!

This is the prawn salad to be wrapped in the lettuce! This is yummy too but with so much meat on the table, it's not getting much attention from us~

More beef cuts. There were seriously too many different cuts that I can't tell them apart. But hey, it's a buffet, so eat all you can!!!

Thanks to my Uncle for the treat!

And my Aunt! She grilled so much food for all of us to eat! Before she came we were moving at tortoise speed but once she arrived, she power grilled everything for us. At first we were eating faster than we could grill but afterwards, she was grilling faster than what we could eat!

Look at the juicy squids~ <3 The scallops and prawns were also lovely!

My cousin who is only in middle school and already taller than me! My Uncle sent this picture for others to see in our family watsapp group and another Aunt mentioned that I looked short. That's when everyone started commenting that my cousin is now taller than I am! :(

Naturally....I'm upset that I'm short and can no longer grow any taller!


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