Thursday, March 12, 2015

Japanese toilet

This is the female wash room in one of the floors in Lumine.

Though I have not used one in Japan, I really love the fact that they have a powder room in all of their wash rooms. It's really handy for females who would love to touch up their make-up without hogging the sink area. Moreover, these come with bright lights that is good for make-up application and with sockets for your hair straighteners or curlers.

Simple bidet

Simple button design that even those who cannot read japanese could easily interpret.

This I like! Females would know what this is. No need to step on any pedal to open it or use your hands to lift any covers because spot that black rectangular area on the top right? It's a sensor, just move your hands over it and it opens up nicely! 

Another thing I think is really useful for mothers is this little baby chair. When travelling alone, you need a safe place to place your child......

Then there's the toilet seat cleaner! Who doesn't love a toilet that care about hygiene?

Automatic flushing system is not uncommon even in Malaysia. However, sometimes the sensor just doesn't work that well and we'd have to push the button to flush it. This one here.....just move your hand over the sensor, no need to touch anything!

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