Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A special guest during lunch

Lunch time again at Bubbles & Bites.

Miss MC and I totally fell in love with this fruit juice.

Ceasar Salad. This was pretty good and I've had it several times. Love the smoked salmon that came with it and then there's also beef bacon bits which you can opt to exclude if you can't take beef.

Potatoes. Baked potatoes are pretty good and this is like her favourite dish there.

Fish and Chips
My fish and chips which came with peas as sides. The peas were lovely but I can't say the same for the fried fish! hahaha.....they looked like pisang goreng in this pic. But they were badly prepared as the batter was too thick!

While having lunch, a special guest suddenly entered the restaurant and sat down opposite me!

Lol~ my would be dream date! So charming and handsome~ If only he didn't move away so fast that I only managed to snap this blur pic of him!!! :D

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