Saturday, April 4, 2015

In flight meal

I made a mistake by booking a day flight instead of a night one and hence, I kept feeling hungry! 

hehehe....for my first meal, I had a vegetable lasagna which wasn't that bad for an in flight meal. For my second meal, I ordered this interesting looking cup ramen which I've never seen before. Plus all those japanese words on it sparked my interest.

I ordered this spicy noodle that was salt flavoured with white pepper.

While it says spicy, it wasn't really that spicy. I felt that the spice level was just right~ First time trying this and it's quite good. But it is an expensive cup ramen!

This was the first time I've ever had cup ramen on a plane and it's good! Warm food in flight is just super comforting. Also, when we're that high up, our tastes bud can't taste food that well, but cup ramen are strongly flavoured so it's good for the taste bud. As for the portion, it's kind of small, but one can always order two cup ramen!

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