Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 1: Dinner at Apollo Bay

It was almost evening by the time we reached Apollo Bay and it was time to search for a place to spend the night~

Cousin very nicely did majority of the scouting with out limited internet access. Though it was drizzling slightly and we had to walk under the rain for a while in search of a hostel, we eventually found one at a good price after being turned down by a few others.

After leaving our luggages in the room, we went back out for dinner....

We ended up at Iluka.

Here's a snap shot of their menu.

The fisherman's basket.....which is pretty common there! Probably every shop that you walk into will have something similar to this.

I'm not sure if this was the first time I had flake but I was really shock to find out that flake is actually shark meat! Not a fan of the meat.....as it was.....flaky.

We also ordered a medium pizza to be shared. Luckily, they serve thin crusts pizza as I don't like pizza with a thick base.

Oh, and I was so shocked that they do not provide chilli sauce and that you actually have to pay for it! Plus.....it tastes totally different from the kind that I'm used to!

After dinner, we did some grocery shopping for some snacks, shampoo and body wash as the hostel didn't provide any. 

I also got myself this~ 

It kinda reminded me of Magnum but this flavour is sooooo GOOD~!!! Wish they'd sell it here too~

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