Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 4: Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Garden

Next stop - Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Garden!

Address: 15 Shoreham Road, Shoreham, Victoria 3916

But first, FOOD~

I've been wanting to try lavendar ice cream from a in those you see in a japan travelogue to Hokkaido. So I was extremely excited to try it!

And then this tiny cup arrived! least the taste wasn't too bad but I wish that the taste would be stronger.

Lavendar cookie biscotti that cousin ordered.


Yin ordered a pie~ Pies are like everywhere... This actually tasted not too bad. I enjoyed the flaky crust.

After satisfying our tummies, we went to explore the mazes.

More jumping fail pictures~

The mazes were quite fun until you get bored of it and can't wait to get out.

We cheated and found our easy way out of the maze through tiny holes like this.

Next up, the rose garden~

This itself was another maze, a circular one.

hehee.....Pancy and Yin seemed really into the roses~

Finally reached the epicentre!

After that, we went to visit the lavendar garden and found this.....what do you call this? Hit the sticks that are all of different lengths and you can make music!!

On the way back, we stopped by San Remo where we watched the pelicans getting fed.

The San Remo Fishermans Co-op feed pelicans on the foreshore at the San Remo Jetty at 12pm everyday.

They're huge! and I'm super scared of them! I think this was the first time I've gotten this close to them!

Got a treat from Pancy, organic cacao~ and it tasted healthy!

I can certainly say it's not my thing hahahaa...... Calories what!!??? Thick, smooth and creamy hot chocolate for me any time!

After that, we stopped by the beach again for some sun, sand and water!

I need a swimsuit~!!!

Ooo....I look gigantic next to Yin.

I don't care! The next time, I'm bringing a swimsuit with me no matter what's the season if I' travelling to a place with lots of beautiful beaches!!!

The water was warm and crystal clear~ a piggy back ride from Pancy! 

See~ told ya I'm the spoiled brat on this trip! No need to plan, no need to drive, no need to cook~ Just relax and enjoy~

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