Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 6: Queen Victoria Night Market & night cycle~

Yay~ finally had the opportunity to visit the Queen Victoria Night Market. I've been wanting to visit this place ever since I saw the contestants of the Australia Masterchef S6 cook at the night market!

Address: Corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

The night market happens every Wednesday from 5pm to 10pm.

We went there early to check out some of the stalls there~

Hoy Pinoy~
Peng and Eric recommended this stall and so we visited it first!

Succulent BBQ pork with an amazing pork crackle over rice with some pickled papaya (AUD12).

I really enjoyed this dish~ Look at Pancy's happy face! 
Best AUD12 spent for the night~!!!

Next up, was paella from El Rincon. 

Look at that~!!!!

Looks promising plus the queue for this stall was relatively long, so we thought that it'd be good~

Our seafood paella (AUD12)......which was the worst thing we've tried that night! The rice in the mussels were undercooked and in general the entire dish just doesn't taste good at all! I felt sort of cheated by the crowd.

Feeling unsatisfied, we decided to get some BBQ pork~

This is a seriously sad portion for AUD12.

The taste wasn't great either as the pork ribs were dry and that cabbage looking thing on the side? Don't even bother!

Pancy's face tells it all regarding the taste of that dish. Well, at least it was better than the paella.

For desserts, I bought some honey dumplings by Taki's balls, that were drizzled with salted caramel and topped with some crushed popcorn (AUD10).

Overall, the night market was an interesting experience but I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there just for food. It's just too much of a hassle. 

There were live bands/ performances here and there which was nice. There were also seats all around but there were so many people, we didn't manage to get a proper seat anywhere. Also, the place was pretty smokey~ 

~ ~ ~

After dinner, we went to get our bikes from the bikeshare next to the night market.

I've been wanting cycle around Melbourne ever since I saw these bike shares. The cost for hire is AUD2.9 per day + AUD17 for up to 2 hours of ride.

I think the price is on the expensive side as compared to cycling in Taipei. Especially since I spent 70% of my time pushing the bike rather than on it.

For more details, check out their website:

Lol....a very stressed out Pancy as we couldn't get the bikes out of their stands.

I feel that the bike was not made for someone of my stature. My feet could barely touch the ground and the bikes were heavy! Moreover, I haven't been cycling in a long time, hence I was rusty.

We cycled around the night market where I nearly knocked into an Asian guy but luckily I swerved and nearly hit the wall. I think I gave him and his friends quite a shock. Next, we had to cycle on roads next to cars because bikes were not allowed on the side walks. Omg~ worst experience ever!!!

The roads in that part of Melbourne are not exactly flat. It's downhill all the way and not exactly a very good path for me to cycle on. So I pushed my bike the entire way until we reached Harbour Esplanade and Docklands. The path there was flat, there were hardly any cards and there's dedicated bicycle lanes on the side walks!!! 

Here I am, in front of Crown Casino. This is where we dropped off the bikes.

After that, Pancy brought me inside the casino~

hehehe.....where she tried her luck on these slot machines.

We then took he tram back to the night market where we parked.

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