Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 8: An eventful day full of meet ups with people I love~

So much for not wanting to eat Asian food as here I am with Pancy at another HK restaurant that serves HK style breakfast.

Here's mine with Fish~

This is Pancy's with hash brown, mushroom, bacon and eggs.

After breakfast, I took the bus to CBD alone to meet up with Matthew. However, I went down at the wrong stop and had to walk 15mins to meet him. 

Then when I've grouped up with him, we decided that he would show me around CBD. Just as we were crossing the road, we were approached by a policemen who told us to follow him to the tram stop at the side.

There he insisted that we did not obey traffic rules when crossing and gave us both fines!

What a horrible experience that was!

Oh well, we weren't gonna let something like that ruin our mood. After Matthew had paid for his fines, he showed me around CBD and shared with me about the history and culture of Melbourne.

We walked......omg...I don't know how far, but we walked for a really long time! All around CBD, then past the Melbourne food and wine festival.

Then we walked along the Yarra River to South Yarra Station where we met up with Joey.

We had bahn mi for lunch a Master Roll Vietnam. A first for me~ and omg, it was super good! I ordered the grilled pork chop (AUD6) and I love how well everything (bun, meat, pickled carrots and daikon) tasted together~

Address: 169 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

After that we stopped by Adriano Zumbo's outlet at South Yarra for some macarons.

Address: Claremont St, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

My pick~ 2 macarons in a tiny little box~ (AUD5.6)

Salted caramel and can't remember what's the fancy name the other one has~ hahahah

Next, we went to Prahran Market~ and also stopped by some Korean and Japanese Mart along the way. Naturally, we couldn't help comparing the mini marts in Melbourne to those in Japan which we all love so much!

Matthew and I..... so happy to be seeing him again after 16 months since our time in Okayama~

Joey~ missing this girl in my Jap class as she's now furthering her studies in Melbourne.

After that, Matthew accompanied Joey back to South Yarra station, while I made my way to Alfred Hospital to meet up with PM and for a nice little tour of her beautiful lab~

We had korean food for dinner at Oriental Spoon~

Address: 291 Elizabeth Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC

Seafood tofu hot pot (AUD27) that came with soft tofu, mussel, prawn, squid, eggs mushrooms & vegetables.

The soup used in this hot pot was super spicy but it was sooo good that I couldn't stop! We both finished the entire pot plus the fried chicken~!! *stuffed to the max*

Fried chicken & Sweet chilli friend chicken combo (AUD24.9)

I know korea is famous for fried chicken but I've never tried kfc before until now and it was really good! Maybe I should try some of the kfc outlets in Malaysia too~

My pretty dinner mate~ and look at the huge amount of food we had on the table~!!

After dinner, Pancy picked me up to join her, her dad and Yin for dinner at GH Hotel.

Address: 1 Brighton Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Didn't snap any pictures of the food except these 2 here. Look at this huge bowl of wedge~!!!

Yin's cute chocolate mousse dessert~

Finally, it's time to enter the club~ another first for me!!! heheee.....

Every hour, there will be performances of cabaret, live or dance on the stage.

As you can see from our faces, we all clearly enjoyed ourselves~!! Great shows and amazing company~!!

So happy that we're still friends after so many years~

Us with one of the hot dancer that night! Lol~ my fav. dancer of the night is in one of the pics up there with his arm around Pancy~

Thanks for inviting us~

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