Saturday, February 13, 2016

CNY reunion dinner

On 07/02/16, we had our Chinese New Year reunion dinner!

Look at our dinning table~ 8 dishes all together!!! Huat ar~

Our half home-made yee sang which was actually a gift from our neighbour. We just added in some extra pear, pomelo, herb, jellyfish, peanuts and crackers!

Home cooked dishes by mummy! <3

My favourite~

BBQ goose

Gotta have some greens~

A whole chicken

This pic was taken a few days before when mum and dad were busy frying prawn crackers for CNY.

Look at the amount they fried! These are the best prawn crackers ever because mummy made them from scratch! Buying the prawns, peeling them, washing them, mincing them, kneading the dough, steaming the dough, adding colouring, slicing, drying and eventually frying them! Not easy~!!!

The final product~ crispy and delicious prawn crackers!

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