Friday, March 11, 2016

Fei Bo Snow Beer, Ipoh Garden East

Visited Ipoh this CNY and we went for supper together with some of the extended family at Fei Bo Snow Beer at Ipoh Garden East.

They're famous for snow beer and it was the first time I tried one. Definitely new and interesting for me. They pour the beer into an ice cold beer glass and this is what you get~

We also ordered a few dishes to go along with the beers....

So happy when this dish arrived! Didn't really had the opportunity to have much veges during CNY.

Fried noodles which were spicy despite its looks but delicious.

My favourite dish of the night- fried squid~!!! Super good!

Salted egg bitter gourd! read that right! A first for me and while I hate bitter gourd, I actually enjoyed this.

Squid anyone? lol....the squid which arrived last minute and I guess every one already took a piece before cousin for the chance to grab a picture. 

The food there is pretty good. 
Hence, even if you are not a fan of beers, you can go there for their food.

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