Friday, March 18, 2016

Last japanese class

My japanese teachers are always so nice and supportive of the things that I do. 

I'm really grateful to them for organising this for me.

Probably my last group picture with these group of classmates who have been with me for the past year. Plus the teachers who have been with me the past 5 years!

I really enjoyed the beautiful tart~ sensei-tachi are all super nice! They buy birthday cakes for their students on their birthdays and organise farewells like these! :)

The past 5 years had been amazing, picking up japanese again, winning a speech contest, getting my first interpretation job, first experience as MC and later my translation work.

Thank you all, especially the teachers for my wonderful journey with japanese language! Hopefully, I will be able to improve while in Japan even though I will no longer be attending classes.

Heart warming messages from everyone~

A gift from my sensei of 4 years!

A pen that I will treasure for sure!

Plus this key chain from my last sensei. A key chain from the no longer running Cassiopeia!


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