Monday, March 21, 2016

Packing and flying to Tokyo

From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are several airlines that one can pick from to travel to Tokyo, Japan.

Below are 4 airlines that offer direct flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Haneda or Narita Airport:

1) Air Asia (AA)

I find that most of the time Air Asia offers the cheapest fares. The plus point with Air Asia is that they fly to Haneda Airport which is closer to central Tokyo and therefore more convenient for those who wants to travel and explore Tokyo. However, they depart at 2.40pm from KLIA and arrive at Haneda airport at 10.30pm. If you are unlucky, you might miss the last train out from Haneda Airport. I have flown with Air Asia to Tokyo before, the plane was on time and we managed to pass through immigration with ample time left.

As I know that I have many things to settle at the airport that night, I did not want to risk it.

2) Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

I have flow MAS to both Tokyo and Osaka before and it is always good to fly with MAS. The seats are comfortable and the food served was good. The good thing about MAS flights are that they have night flights, which I like. So you get to sleep on the plane and arrive early the next morning! Another plus point about flying with MAS is the 2 free check-in baggage.

Here are the 2 direct flight that MAS offer to Narita Airport:

1. Departs at 10.50am and arrives at 6.30pm
2. Departs at 11.35pm and arrives at 7.15am

3) All Nippon Airways (ANA)

I have never traveled with ANA before but I hope to fly with them one day. I find that the fares from MAS and ANA to be pretty close. Depending on who is having promotions, you might find one having cheaper fares than the other. Like MAS, ANA also have night flights! Based on pictures that I've seen on other websites, ANA's airline food looks food too! ANA also offers 2 free check-in baggage of not more than 23kg for economy seat tickets. ANA offers several different flights to either Haneda and Narita airport.

The one I preferred the most was their day flight which departs at 8.10am and arrives at Narita airport at 3.50pm.

4) Japan Airlines (JAL)

Among the 4, JAL's fares are the most expensive. However, JAL does have a good record of being on time ( Plus many people have commented that JAL's crew is one of the best in the world and their in-flight food are delicious. JAL also offers 2 free check-in baggage of not more than 23kg for economy seat tickets. Like ANA, JAL also offer different flights between the two cities but the one that caught my attention most was the night flight which departs at 10.50pm from KLIA and arrives at Narita Airport at 6.40am.

In general, AA does offer the cheapest return flight tickets. However, when the other airlines are having promotions, one can get very good deals from them too. Before buying any tickets, one should consider which airport do they prefer to fly into, timing of the flights, level of comfort and how much you are willing to pay.

I bought my tickets pretty late and among those that offered night flights, JAL had the best price. So that was the one that I went with. 

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