Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sarue Onoshi Koen 猿江恩賜公園

Half-day hanami party with colleagues at Sarue Onoshi Park.

Location: Sumiyoshi 2-chome, Mori 2-chome, Koto Ward 
Contact information: 03-3631-9732 
Transport: 2-minute walk from A3 exit of Sumiyoshi (Shinjuku line, Hanzomon line) or 
15-minute walk from Kinshicho (JR Sobu line).

It was April fools on that day, and it was also our hanami day. We worked in the morning and had the afternoon off.

First hanami with an actual mat! hahaha.....but sadly, the weather was gloomy the whole day.

We were seated next to a bunch of ojiisan and obaasan who had a karaoke system with them. Of course, my colleagues joined in the fun too with a japanese enka song~!!!

Some of the gang around the matt area and our food...

A colleague was asked to sing an English song but the ojiisan and obaasan heehee.....

Another colleague belting her heart out to Little mermaid's part of your world.....which gained a lot of attention from little girls in the park.

The sakura at full-bloom~ :D

There were some pretty tulips in the area too.

Only one food stall but it's ok.....the sakuras are the most important thing,

If only I lived near the park, I could've cycled there too.

The area here below the trees were initially all occupied by people before they left.

Due to the bad weather, people were all starting to leave. It's really nice that we get to enjoy such beautiful sakura at a not so crowded park.

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