Saturday, June 25, 2016

Electronics and furniture shopping in Tokyo

Before moving to Japan, I've checked out a few websites to check out the price of electronics and furniture in Japan.

At first I was thinking if I should but second-hand stuffs from recycle shops or "sayonara sales" from Craiglist.

However, I eventually decided that I would like to buy my own because I like new things.

As Ikea is a popular brand for furniture even back home, it was only natural that I check out Ikea's website ( While I really liked some of the furniture there, I decided not to purchase my furniture from Ikea because of the steep delivery fees which differs depending on where you stay. The closer you stay to Ikea, the cheaper the fees.

While Nitori ( is famous for their furniture, they sell electronics too and I had initially wanted to buy their oven microwave because of the cheap price!!! Unfortunately for me, at the time of my purchase as it would take almost 3 weeks before I could get it, I decided not to get it from there. While a bit on the high side, they offer free delivery of purchases above 7000yen. This number is easily achievable if you order all your main furniture from them.

Other shops like Sofmap ( and Yodobashi ( also offers free delivery for purchases above 3000yen. Before arriving in Japan, I had initially plan to get my major electronics form Sofmap because their prices was one of the lowest at the time of my survey. However, as I didn't had the opportunity to physically visit the shop myself, I decided not to purchase from them.

Yup, just like what the picture promised.

Then lastly, there's K's Denki ( which I have never heard of before going to Japan. I ended buying my major electronics from K's Denki because they offered competitive price, free delivery, free installation and extended warranty when required. So I bought my fridge, washing machine, oven microwave and hair dryer from them. Once, I have decided to get my electronics from them, I decided that I will stop comparing the prices to other electronic stores just so that I don't get any heart break! hahaha....but overall, I'm happy as the items were delivered 3 days after I paid for them. They installed all of my electronics and made sure that they did not damage any of my things while doing so. 

At first I had only decided to get my fridge and washing machine from K's Denki. And plus, since I'm such a worry-wart, I wanted a friend to be there when I made my order. So S went there with me and while discussing about the electronics with the staff, I decided to get the oven microwave there too since they could offer me a good price and most important of all deliver in 3 days! Then my hair dryer....I thought, why not....I didn't want to have to purposely travel to another electronic shop just to get it!

Snapped this picture right after they had installed my electronics.

It's been 2 months now and I'm loving all my purchases! I love how functional everything is and hopefully, they will continue to be for many years to come~!!

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