Friday, June 3, 2016

Yokohama Chukagai (Yokohama Chinatown)

Went to Yokohama to grab lunch with ST san

As if the wind in the morning wasn't strong enough, the wind that afternoon was even stronger. When we were walking towards the Chinatown, it felt as if the wind was really trying hard to push us backwards! 

But we made it!

First stop was this very famous shop selling chinese pastries. ST san wanted to buy some moon cakes.

This is here is the best seller of the store.

Mooncakes of various flavours~ I guess now I know where to go to get some mooncakes when the mooncake festival arrives.

Off we go to look for lunch~

Over here is a restaurant which ST san read about in an online article. It was said that this was one of the oldest restaurant in the area. It was there even before the World War.

I ordered the ebikatayakisoba which is prawns and veg cooked in a think gravy and drizzled over fried noodles that are super crunchy. Yup, that definitely tastes chinese alright~ hahaha.....

Super huge siu mai~

As we were leaving China town, we spotted this temple, which according to the lady who worked there, originated from Taiwan.

Totally didn't expect to find a Chinese temple here.

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