Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dinner at Bistro Ryu's, Yurakucho

After our hunt for ajisai, we went for dinner at Bistro Ryu's, near Yurakucho station~

Some cocktails that were recommended to YH on her previous trip here and they were good.

Parmesan cheese blocks!!!

Raw veg for the......

....Bagna càuda, which was super good!!! I can't compare it with anything else as it was my first time but it was awesome!

Crazy ppl like us ordered 20 pieces of wings~!

Pork sausage with an amazing mash!

Funghi pizza!

A group pic~

heehee, it looked like Mish drank a lot but actually she only drank 1 1/2 glass of cocktail.

Overall the good here is good and I really like the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is only too bad that they are closing soon.

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