Friday, August 19, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 2

I was looking back at the pictures that I took when I first came and realised that I ate sooo many snacks!!!

1. Meiji kuchidoke premium 
This is the best pudding ever!!! Just as the name suggests, it just melts away in your mouth. It's soft and smooth.....and the flavour of the sauce is just spot on!

2. Meito pumpkin pudding
Good value as it comes in a pack of 3. While it's not as soft as Meiji's, I really enjoyed the pumpkin flavour.

3. Tohato Caramel corn
Nothing can ever go wrong with this snack~

4. Meito Vitamin C throat candy
Love hard candies~!

5. Daiso kuchidoke matcha
While I feel that the texture could have been better and made to feel more like nama choco, the flavour is not too bad.

6. Meito custard pudding
This was good too, but compared to the pumpkin one, I prefer the pumpkin one as it taste different from other normal custard puddings.

7. Calpis hotto lemon
Can't wait for this to back on in stored during winter time....

8. Minute Maid Hachimitsu Yuzu
Always appreciate a bottle of hot drink during winter time. Got this courtesy of S when he dropped by to help me move my luggages.

9. Meiji super big pudding with their new sauce
As weird as it might sound, but I really like this with my toasts in the morning for breakfast! heehee....

10. Koikeya Norishio potato chips
A standard flavour that can never go wrong. I bought these because who doesn't love potatoes from Hokkaido?

11. Koikeya Rich Konsome potato chips
I actually prefer this one to the norishio~

12. Sugimotoya Yasashii Yuzu Gummy
I got this from daiso. While you can taste the yuzu, I didn't really enjoy the texture of this gummy. But I do appreciate the fact that they individually packed the gummy which is rare for gummies.

13. Calbee nori & mentaiko
I love this....super flavourful~!!

14. Morinaga Yakipurin
I enjoyed this baked pudding. Something different from the usual and delicious too.

15. Fujiya Home Pie
This was surprisingly really good! If  you love pie crusts, you will love this~! Each pack comes with 2 pieces. Super convenient to be kept in your bag for a quick snack.

16. Meiji takenoko dark chocolate
This actually came in a huge bag containing little bags of takekono and kinoko in dark chocolate. Absolutely love this snack, especially this takenoko one!!!

17. AEON thick cut chips in Konsome flavour
This is good and tastes similar to the Calbee one except that this is the crinkle cut version.

18. ITOEN pomegranate and plant placenta mix
Bought this drink to try because I've never tried plant placenta before and I'm just curious on how this drink will taste like.

19. Power Balance in Black Cacao
These are really delicious and good when your busy and needed to eat something to boost your energy. Love the crunchy bits on top.

20. Yakult
Always enjoy a bottle of Yakult!

21. Tarami mixed fruit jelly
Fruits are sooo expensive here. When I feel like having fruits, especially those that are not in season, I will buy one of these fruit jellies because you get real fruit in them!

Peach, mandarin oranges and pineapple~

22. Calpis gummy
These have fillings in them. I prefer normal gummies without fillings in them.

23. Sanko Yuki no Yado Rice crackers
I really like this brand. I've bought this so many times now. Highly recommend this!

I guess I like them because of these white stuffs on the senbei

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