Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Japan -Beauty series 1

1. Sana isoflavon face wash

First time buying this. While it is not a make up remover, it removes make up pretty well when you are lazy and didn't want to remove your make up before washing your face.

2. Kurinika enamel pearl tooth paste

There are so many different brands and varieties for tooth paste in japan! Bought this bottle here to try because it was cost for value and who doesn't want white teeth? Not sure if it really made my teeth whiter but it sure did the job of keeping my teeth clean.

3. Rosette face wash

I had previously tried the pink one and this time I bought the green one. This product is really good in terms of cost value! Overall, it foams up really well and keeps your face clean & moisturised.

4. DHC moisturiser

I have tried several DHC products before but not this. My skin felt dry and needed to get something moisturising. I went to the shop and spotted this....34 natural ingredients! 3 kinds of collagen! 2 kinds of hyaluronic acid! I'm sold!!!! And yes, it is super moisturising on the skin!

Plus it's perfect for lazy ppl like me, as it's an all in 1.....toner, lotion, moisturiser, cream massage cream and mask!!! :D

5. Sugao blusher
I absolutely love this product and in this shade!!!! It's the best blusher I've ever used!!! Step aside powder blushers and make way for cream blushers!!! 

The product has a souffle feel to it. It spreads easily over your makeup and stays there!!! And the colour really shows!!! The problem I've had with powder blushers is that their colour is not as obvious, and they don't stay where you apply them. They sort of just slide down your face as your make up melts! But this....it has none of those problem and it even doubles as a product for your lip!!! 

Perfect for travelling if you want to pack light!

6. Topvalu tooth brush

I have no idea why tooth brushes in Japan come in such tiny size. But yea, this is the most common size you can find so if you like a much bigger brush, I would suggest you to bring some from your home country.

These tiny ones work just fine for me and I like how lasting the bristles are!

7. Ducato nail strengthener and Homei nail polish

Ducato is a life saver for me here in Japan!!! Ever since this first bottle, I've bought others because the product is really good!

I'm not sure if it's due to the coldness or just that I was doing a lot more house work since I've moved to Toyko, my nails were always chipping!!! But ever since I've started using the Ducato nail strengthener, I'm back to growing my nails long and doing nail art on them! <3

I bought the Homei one because I wanted something to go with the pink base nail strengthener. It's really cute, but I guess as with all nail polishes that has big glittery stuffs in them, it's better to pair them with a top coat to prevent the glittery stuffs from coming off.

8. Love Liner in Burgundy Brown

Spotted this in Loft and fell in love with it instantly. I have a thing for coloured liners and have used brown and blue ones before which I absolutely love because they're not as harsh as black. But this.....burgundy brown colour is just beautiful~

There's a slight pink tinge to it when you apply it on your eyes and it's perfect for days when you want to look girly but without a strong liner look! I will definitely try other colours from this series once my other liners run out. 

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