Thursday, August 25, 2016

Yakiniku at home~

Yakiniki is pretty expensive in Tokyo and is much cheaper to prepare at home.

Colleague and I went shopping for meat at Niku no hanamasa in Ikebukuro which supposedly sells meat at a cheaper price. We got these 2 beautiful meat platter - pork neck and beef ue barakarubi (back ribs).

Misuji (blade roast or shoulder) which was like the most expensive one that we got! But look at the marbling of the fat~

So here's our yakiniku set up at her place~ we got veg, onion, kimchi, sauces and drinks!

Actually, the meat were good on their own even without any seasonings, especially the Misuji which makes sense because it was the most expensive one. It does take a long time to cook on the grill and literally melts in your mouth!!! The other 2 cuts were delicious too as they had so much fat in them. When you grill them, the fat melts onto the onion and caramelises it! 

A bit too much food for the 2 of us, but we finished everything! Hope to do it again soon~!!!

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