Monday, September 12, 2016

焼肉・居酒屋 辛(しん), Funabori

Dinner with colleagues at 焼肉・居酒屋 辛(しん)  船堀駅前店

Address: 東京都江戸川区船堀2-23-9

We ordered many different plates of beef and pork.

Plus a vegetable platter~


I somehow enjoyed their marinated beef more than the pork.

We also ordered a cold noodle~

A first for me. It's interesting as it's cold and spicy at the same time.

This was so good, we ordered it a second time.

A note of caution though, when you are grilling fatty meat like the one below, place them at the side of the grill to reduce flames forming.

While the food is good, it is pretty expensive. But it was a good end of the term celebration for us.

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