Thursday, September 8, 2016

植物図鑑 & La Petite Mercerie, Lumine Yurakucho

From Shinjuku, Pat and I travelled to Ginza as the cinema there still had tickets for the movie that we wanted to catch - 植物図鑑 (Shokubutsu Zukan)

I've been wanting to watch this movie ever since I saw the Flower's PV which showed snippets of this movie.

It was my first time at a cinema in Tokyo and I find it cool that they gave us free postcards and there's even a photo area.

The movie was good and it's been a long time since I've cried buckets in a cinema. I think all the females (98% of the viewers were females) cried loads throughout the movie. I know I did! So did Pat and the girl who sat on my other side!

There's a phrase from the movie which I really liked....somehow.....
A senpai who was interested in the main character said this to her, "It's alright, you're just returning back to your formal self." He said this when he saw her having konbini food for lunch again after she's been bringing really delicious looking bento that had been prepared by her bf to work before his disappearance.

I feel like that phrase somehow spoke to me that it's alright after all these painful experience......I'll just be going back to my old self. It somehow feels comforting.

After the movie, we shopped around a bit in Lumine before having dinner at La Petite Mercerie in Lumine Yurakucho.

We both settled for the prime menu (2,050 yen) which came with a meal, dessert and drink. We were both attracted to this dish which came with a quiche and crab risotto. Then for dessert, we both went for the special for that month, which was the peach cupcake, as peaches were in season then.

The main dish was delicious! The cupcake was good too~ especially the peaches!!! :D

As for drink, I chose the cherry soda while she had coffee.

Another fun outing~

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