Sunday, November 13, 2016

Colombin, Harajuku (コロンバン原宿本店サロン)

Met up with SC at Omotesando for lunch one weekend so that we could go Pokemon hunting after.

We ended up in this place called Colombin in Shibuya, because we were attracted to their desserts!

We both ordered their set lunch.

It came with a cold potato soup which was surprisingly delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day, plus a drink!

We both ordered the same baked curry pasta and were shocked to see and entire piece of cheese on it! hahaha.....

Then it's time for the star!!!! DESSERTS!!!

These are some expensive kakigori! The most expensive I've had as they cost over 1,200yen each. SC ordered the ichigo one while I ordered the kinako match one.

The kakigori were delicious!!!! I love mine soooo much, except for the dango!

After that, we went to Yoyogi Park to hunt some pokemon~ and I spotted some beautiful zarusuberi trees that had flowered~

Pokemon hunters!

Then it got too hot and we went into Omotesando Hills to escape the heat.

Tea break at URBAN RESEARCH 表参道ヒルズ店 (Omotesando Hills).

I knew that URBAN RESEARCH is a clothing shop but it was such a surprise to find that they sell drinks too. As we were really thirsty, we went there for drinks.

We both ordered the lemonade soda which came with lemonade jelly (540 yen). It was super refreshing on a very hot day of Pokemon hunting!

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