Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eating Japan - Instant ramen series 4

1. Ippudo ramen

Found this in the local convenient store and decided to try them. While they were good, I still prefer a pipping hot bowl of ramen from an actual Ippudo ramen shop anytime~!!! But these are great, if you do not have an Ippudo where you live.

Ok, the next few one are Malaysian instant noodles, but they shall be included in this section because I had them in Japan.

2. MyKuali Penang white curry noodle

Miss this~ While again, I prefer an actual bowl of Malaysian curry noodle, this will have to do for now....

3. MiSedap MiGoreng

I always enjoy mee goreng as a snack! I still prefer the Indomee brand.

4. MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn noodle

First time trying them and while the soup is lacking in the actual prawn flavour. I feel that the fried anchovies added to make it a little more authentic. Still good~

5. Nissin Bagna Cauda 

I've been obsessed with bagna cauda since I had the salad in a restaurant once.

But unfortunately, the instant noodle was nothing like the salad that I had. This is the light version so it's not as salty as normal cup noodles. If you like veg, this is a good cup noodle for you because there's so much veg in it compared to others. There's even renkon (lotus root) and pumpkin~!!!!

6. Ipperichan Potemayo (Potato and mayo)

At first I found it interesting that there were actually dried pieces of potato in the package, I  didn't really enjoy them or this flavour. The mentaiko version is a lot better.

7. Yamachan Shoyu Tonkotsu

Had this for lunch at work. The taste was ok, but nothing that made me go "wow".

8. Nissin Seafood

This is the biggest cup noodle I've seen! Got a little too greedy with this. I was struggling to finish this.....

While I've always enjoyed this flavour, I will not buy it in this size again. Rather than enjoying it, I was forcing myself to swallow the remaining noodles.

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