Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 7

1. Suntory Salted honey lemon

During summer in Japan, many salt related items will be available for sale. For example, drinks with salt, candies with salt or even snacks with salt!

This one here is nice if you like non-fizzy or carbonated drinks. You get a faint salty taste along with the sweet honey and lemon flavour.

2. Recaldent gum

Once can never have too much gum! I think this huge bottle will last me for months to come! hahahaa....

And, like the small little packs, this one come with a small stack of paper for you to dispose your chewed gum too.

3. Calbee cheese bit

While I usually love Calbee stuffs and especially their cheese items, I feel like this was a miss! Didn't like it!

4. Chateraise Plum jelly

Chateraise sweets are like little treats for me every now and then! heehee~

This one here is sweet and delicious! You can really taste the fruit!

5. Calbee crinkle potato chips in asparagus and bacon flavour

Love these thick, crinkle cut chips! 

6. Calbee crinkle potato chips in chicken consome

Comparing these 2 different flavours from the same series, the asparagus bacon flavoured one tasted better. For the consome flavoured one, I prefer their thin cut version.

7. Dontakosu chilli tacos

Tasted pretty normal like the usual ones.

8. Umaibo mentaiko

I love umaibo mentaiko in whatever packaging it comes it! Super flavourful and super delicous!

9. Kitkat

Sometimes, I like the normal kit kat because it's something I'm familiar with.

10. Suntory Dakara Lychee and yoghurt with salt

Another great summer drink if you don't like fizzy drinks. This one has a mild lychee and yoghurt flavour.

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