Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Enoshima aquarium

After Kamakura, we took the enoden to Enoshima where we visited the Enoshima Aquarium.

Since it was summer when we went, there were umi no ie or beach houses by the beach. Beach goers will grab drinks or fine in these beach houses.

With the Odakyu pass, you get a discounted price for the remember to show it to the guy at the counter when purchasing ur tickets!

The aquarium was beautiful and reminded me of the one in Osaka.

My favourite is this area where you can see all the different fishes swimming together~ Sooo pretty!

The jelly fish area was interesting too and there was a show when we were there. Unfortunately, I was standing behind a selfish couple with a crying baby who blocked my entire view. Oh well.....

At least the jellyfish were pretty! :D

Hello there!

aww...these two love birds~

My curry bun which was surprisingly good. 

Us taking a break and grabbing a bite!

The dolphin show area which was packed with people~!!!!

There's also an area dedicated to deep sea explorations.

Love the sunset view~

There's this cute purikura like machine at the aquarium that allows you to snap a picture, decorate it and send it to your phone.

After the aquarium, we stopped by Ajito as I wanted to see if cousin's colleagues were there and they were! They were so nice to treat the 3 of us to free juices!

We initially wanted to grab dinner at this restaurant in Enoshima but the queue was just too long....we gave up after 30 mins and grabbed dinner at Shinjuku station instead. My ordered of fish and chips and fried chicken.

Can't wait for more trips to other places of Japan~ <3

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