Monday, November 21, 2016

Yobansadouoshin (4番サード魚真) Shibuya

Went for dinner with the U crew one night with an acquaintance who came all the way from Thailand.

We had dinner at this izakaya which served by far the best sashimi I've had in Japan!

The sashimi platter that came with 6 different types of sashimi. My first time trying the katsuo....

Everything was super fresh and delicious!

Even the prawn and ikura salad was delicious~!!!

Not mine, but I found the sake bottle pretty

Ika and tako....the best tako sashimi I've had. They're usually pretty chewy and I don't like that, but these....none of that rubbery feel!

Tamago.....can never go wrong with this!

Love the fried fishes!

Omg~ absolutely delicious squid!!!

Uni & Ikura don <3 
Best uni ever!!!! 

Grilled sanma, a perfect dish for autumn. We had a perfect deboner on our table! Look at the deboned fish!

Ochazuke, I didn't not try this but it looked good

Desserts, which I did not try too so I can't comment on the taste

Picture with the peeps from dinner~

Huge thanks to T san who was not present that night but paid for dinner!

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