Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Odaiba Decks BBQ & health food exhibition

Went for a BBQ event with SC. Besides just free food, there was also free flow of drinks~!!!

When it was time to start BBQing, we have just sat ourselves down and started grilling food for everyone hahaha.....no shame. Well since, no one at our table seems to want to hold the tongs to BBQ something so we just took the initiative to do it. Plus it was fun!

More importantly, we got to BBQ what we want to eat!! heehee....*evil*

The next table seems to be doing a better job in manufacturing meat because their grill was just filled with meat every single time I look over!

Since it is a shared BBQ area at Odaiba Decks, there were many other groups having BBQ there too. There's this group with many people in yellow coloured shirts, including a bodysuit, which we suspect was a company event!

Totally not bothered by the smoke, as long as we get good food! We both ate soooo much, we were grilling and eating the entire time till the event ended!

The meat was super well-marinated, juicy and delicious. I love that they provided lots of veg and mushrooms too! Plus the frankfurter was super delicious. I didn't know that japanese franks were that good!! I'm gonna buy some to cook at home too!

After that, we walked around Odaiba with new friends we made at the event and came across this health food exhibition, which I had to enter! Of course!

And I received a whole bunch of goodies! :D 

I have not tried many of these things here yet.....

.....except for this body mist. And the smell was amazing! Aroma rich!

I received this Chocola BB after working the hula hoop! Honestly. I didn't even know what they were giving out, I just saw the Sailormoon bag that this product came in and rushed the join the queue. Lol~

My sairlormoon bag! hahaha....

I have tried this Mix berry Crispy Soyjoy here and it's yummy. Great for a light snack or quick breakfast on a busy day!

Can't wait to try all these honey products!

This is apparently for when you want to have a drink or two~

This is kale juice powder. I tried the sample and it was surprisingly good....not bitter at all!

I guess because we're foreigners, the guy from Kewpie gave us a Kewpie doll each! Did you know that Kewpie is one of the largest manufacturers of hyaluronic acid in Japan? I did not! I was so shocked to find out that they actually have a cosmetic line too! I always thought that they sold mayonnaise only!

More supplements that I got in my Sailormoon bag.

While I've not tried other honey products, I've tried these two drinks from Yamada Bee Farm: ume hachimitsu and yuzu hachimitsu. Both have royal jelly in them and they are absolutely delicious~!!!! I'm not sure where to get them as this was the first time I've seen these drinks. I guess I will have to get them directly from Yamada Bee Farm.

Complete a survey on your personal health and you'll get some extra supplements from Yamada Bee Farm! Sankyuu~ :)

Super happy that I visited this health food exhibition because it reminded me of why I love science! And brought back my interest in health food!!!

Would definitely be on the look out for more of these exhibition in the future!

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