Sunday, May 14, 2017


Went for dinner after work with my colleague at Gyukaku.

We ordered the 3,480 yen Gyukaku set with 100 different items on the menu to choose from. 


The meat here is super good. I shall bring my parents here when they visit. 

Love both the pork and beef ones. 

The seafood was sadly not as good though. Also, there were no prawns for the set that we chose. 

Gyukaku uses charcoal. 

This one here was the strangest meat of the night. This is beef with loads of was a bit slathered on the meat. We grilled only one side and it was too spicy for me.

But everything else was good, especially this pork belly here. Just look at the amount of garlic on top!

So good! Can't stop eating. 

We even offered salad, seaweed and some fried stuffs to go with our meat.

Our set came with a free dessert after the meal and as usual I ordered the kuromitsu kinako green tea ice cream.

Love these 2 combinations so much. I'm seriously contemplating to get a pack of kinako powder at home.

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