Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sagamiko Part 3

The sky had already turned dark after our dinner and we slowly made our way back to the park for the illuminations. 

So pretty〜

This was definitely the most gorgeous and biggest illumination I've ever seen!

I highly recommend this place! I will definitely revisit. 

Unfortunately, the illumination does not run all year round. Only during winter. 

How can you not be mesmerised by this view right

There are many photo areas. 

We took the cable chair up again and the view at night was so much nicer!

We even got to take pictures with Paddington bear. 

I like how they've prepared a lighted bouquet on the bench. 

This was supposed to be a couple photo area but yea.....


This section was all white during the day but had yellow lights at night. 

Beautiful right?

This is like a musical light show. I enjoyed this a lot because the lights come on and off in accordance with the music. 

On our way back from the musical lights, we came across this huge illumination of Paddington bear. 

Garden of lights

Lighted water fountain

Not sure what this was.....but it looked like a lighted wedding dress. 

This here is the way to the onsen. 

Remember Mr. Snowman?

Our fresh faces after onsen while waiting for the bus back to the cabin. 

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